Coastal View - Monthly Article, November 2016'

November 13th, 2016

Coastal View, November 2016

Deep Fried Turkey Love

Once upon a November a frozen Thanksgiving turkey exploded from a home deep fryer and blew a hole through the roof. Now this wasn’t my deep-fried turkey and this wasn’t my roof … but it happened, every year it inevitably happens. Unfortunately, if you drop a frozen bird into a vat of 500-degree oil incorrectly, you get yourself a turkey bomb.

Reason being that when a frozen turkey encounters boiling oil it immediately produces a considerable amount of steam. The steam, or water, expands to almost 1500 times the waters original volume. This steam displaces the molten hot cooking oil, which causes the oil to overflow and spill into the lit flame below. KABOOM!!

To put it into holiday perspective, imagine your excited family all standing around the outside wooden deck to watch the turkey go into the frying pot. Cameras in hand and smiles on everyone’s faces, Uncle Louie slowly lowers the 20-lb. bird into the oil over a flame lit on high. The oil immediately boils over the pot rim and lightly kisses the beautifully refinished wooden deck. Which then ignites and touches an overhanging tree limb, which ignites and then touches a second tree eventually starting a small forest fire and burning the house as well. Suddenly your new Thanksgiving dinner guests are the local fire department and you’re headed to Denny’s.

So, if you’re still planning a fried turkey extravaganza, here’s how you do it the right way.

Step 1: Thaw turkey completely before frying! 100% thaw, 100%!! For every 5 lb. of turkey plan on defrosting 24 hours. A 20-lb. turkey will need 4 days minimum to defrost.

Step 2: Underfill the fryer pot with oil, remember that your 20-lb. turkey will cause displacement in your oil even when fully thawed.

Step 3: Do NOT heat oil above 400 degrees

Step 4: Turn fryer flame OFF before lowering your turkey into the pot. Use a turkey fryer mechanism to lower it into the pot, don’t use your hands directly and wear protective gear.

Step 5: Plan on frying your turkey outside (not on a wooden deck) and away from your house or anything else that may ignite.

If you follow the steps above you are on the right track to having a delicious deep fried turkey with your family and celebrate the right way, sans explosion.