Kids World Cuisine: Mon, June 17th - Fri, June 21st

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Kids World Cuisine: Mon, June 17th - Fri, June 21st


Date: Mon, June 17th through Fri, June 21st (15 hr. total)

Cost: $400 (One Time Charge)

Time: 10am - 1pm

Location: 4642 Carpinteria Ave (HEAT Culinary Kitchen)

Class Description: 5-Day Culinary Boot Camp, World Cuisine - 15 hours   ** Register your kid for a week-long HEAT culinary camp focused on world cuisine. During this week of cooking, your kids will have fun, learn and bring home great recipes that will impress family and friends. They will learn basic cooking technique from roasting and grilling to baking and desserts, all with interesting flavors from around the world. Each day will be full of delicious food and hands on cooking as they make new friends in the HEAT kitchen. (8yrs. - 12yrs., parent permission slip required)

Class 1: Will cover the following: Italian Bueno!

Class 2: Will cover the following: Mandarin China

Class 3: Will cover the following: Ole' Mexico

 Class 4: Will cover the following: Kyoto Japan

Class 5: Will cover the following: French Bistro

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