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Welcome to HEAT Culinary Corporate Catering! Let your catering imaginations run wild because here we want to provide you with exactly what your company needs. Whether you are looking for an occasional lunch service or a weekly or daily service we at HEAT Culinary are happy to make it happen.


Searching for something simple for the next lunch meeting. Or perhaps one day a week you want to treat your employees with a company lunch? For anything that can arise try one of our hearty sandwiches from our online Corporate Catering menu. With 10 different sandwiches to select from, salads, sides, drinks and for larger events our platters you are sure to find what you need. Orders can be made 24 hours in advance through email: orders@heatculinary.com or phone: (805) 242-3873 and there is also an order form at the bottom of the menu page.


In need of a weekly service? Whether it be one day a week or everyday we want to make it happen. With many self serve buffet style lunch options such as a taco bar, soup and sandwich line, roasted chicken and salad line, and many more farm to table options to choose or customize from. If there is a lunch in particular you would like us to prepare do not fret because we will make it happen. At HEAT Culinary we are dedicated to customizing your service to be exactly what you want and need.


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Sustainability is at the heart of HEAT culinary and has inspired us to be diligent when it comes to our packaging. We use products from goodstartpackaging to ensure that nothing we deliver ends up in a landfill. All their paper products we use are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable & BPI compostable. The plastic products we use from them are BPA free and made from PLA. PLA (Poly Lactid Acid) is a corn plastic that is BPI compostable. All the compostable plastics are labeled compostable certified. At HEAT culinary we invite you to join the movement towards sustainability to build a healthier and greener world.