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HEAT C.O.R.E. (Compostable, Organic, Raw, Energy) relies on using organic food waste to regenerate healthy produce. The food waste is collected from local restaurants and educational institutions and then processed into feed. HEAT C.O.R.E. will produce organic fruit and vegetables, provide societal education on the aquaponic and composting process and then donate the harvested food grown.


C.O.R.E is the non-profit sister of HEAT Culinary. It is an extension of culinary arts by reusing waste from cooking in order to bring into full circle compost & feed as we create new, delicious foods. 

California is threatened by water shortages and changing climate, and no one wants to contribute to the landfills. The goal is to convert our restaurant food waste into useable and valuable products. 

Regenerating left over food has multiple opportunities. Nikki Dailey is a top chef and teacher and Gretchen Ingmanson is an experienced aquaponics farmer. The food waste will not enter the landfills but rather be:

  1. Cooked into animal feed

  2. Composted

  3. Used as fuel

The animal feed and composted material will be used to grow soil based produce and also be available to the public for purchase, as well as compost tea which is a concentrated topical compost that enhances plant and tree health. 

Some of the animal feed will be used to feed Carp and Channel Island Catfish in an aquaponics system that will grow and supply greens and herbs to supply local restaurants which supply the food waste. Aquaponics is a historic system of growing foods with reduced water usage and increased produce yield. Fresh fish are a wonderful harvest from an aquaponics system as well.

A final goal is to educate with the farm. Nikki Dailey is an experienced teacher of culinary arts and Gretchen Ingmanson has worked with the public on horticultural endeavors. Waste reuse, composting, aquaponics and water optimization are valuable lessons for the future of our region. Demonstrations, classes, tours and food events are important and fun ways to generate interest and education for all ages whether it be elementary school children, eldercare members or anyone in between. Our ultimate goal is to show that our production can exist on any scale, including a back yard.

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